Concept & Feasibility

Some of Paul's previous consulting roles have included:

  • Preparation of a Project Concept and Feasibility Report for International Investors to set up a large scale vertically integrated beef production business utilizing farmlands on the Northern Tablelands and North-West Slopes Region of NSW.
  • Pre-purchase property assessments for Australian and International clients seeking to invest in rural properties.
  • Advise on industry and assessment of production concepts and feasibility for a vertically integrated 10,000-cow free-stall dairy and dairy bull beef production project on a 10,000ha property with 5,000ha irrigation and project recommendations.
  • Concept and Feasibility of integrated 10,000-head beef Feedlot project utilizing own grown crops and by-products.
  • Provide analysis and report on the feasibility of supplementary fed beef backgrounding under irrigated versus dryland farming scenarios in higher and lower rainfall zones and associated recommendations.
  • Audit of factory wastewater and develop production concepts and assess feasibility of utilizing waste water to produce quality forages to supply supplementary fed beef backgrounding and finishing in a non-feedlot environment.
  • Project to upscale of Breeder Herd including developing supplementary fed backgrounding, utilizing own grown grains and forages.
  • Beef Backgrounding proposals integrating Northern Rivers, Northern Tablelands and North-West Slopes of NSW.