Paul has a lifetime of hands on experience in agriculture and has an extensive knowledge of livestock nutrition and management through his experience in farming under both the pasture-based livestock production systems and in intensive livestock feeding systems and has been a Hay & Silage contractor for over 30 years. Since 1991, he has utilized both Partial Mixed Rations (PMR) and Total Mixed Rations (TMR) feeding systems in his farming operations.

Up until 2007, Paul ran an intensive high producing 360-cow dairy with his wife Susan. Having relinquished their dairy interests they commenced a diversified farming operation consisting of an intensive pasture-based beef cattle trading operation supported by a supplementary fed production system that saw them turn over up to 2,000-head/year.

In their diversified operations Paul also ran a cropping operation, a fodder sales enterprise, a contract round bale hay/silage enterprise and a contract GPS Levelling enterprise. Paul’s extensive experiences in fodder conservation systems commenced in 1985 where the livestock operations have used fine chopped silage systems as well as round bale hay and silage systems.

Prior to farming Paul was employed in Banking and Finance and as an Engineers Cost Accountant.

As well as Paul’s in-depth knowledge of animal nutrition he has demonstrated skills in financial and strategic management at farm, consultancy and the corporate level with a Directorship with Norco Co-operative Limited that spanned seven years. In that time, he held the office of Deputy Chairman for two years and was a member on the Board Executive Committee for five years.

Having been engaged in a part-time consultancy role since 2014, Paul and his wife Susan have relinquished their day to day farming interests for Paul to take on a full time Agricultural Consultancy role.

In his consulting roles Paul has utilized his strong financial aptitude and his operational background to assimilate financial and operational data to present meaningful information for decision making and is driven by a “measure It / manage It” philosophy. He has an intimate understanding of the drivers for productivity in both grazing and intensive feeding systems and the effects that these drivers have on operational financial performance and has developed activity based analytic tools that give credibility to financial projections that support business planning.