Paul and Susan consult to:

  • Livestock businesses in the Beef, Dairy and Sheep industries.
  • Mixed farming businesses that include Livestock, Cropping or other enterprises.
  • Pasture based grazing operations run under both low and high density livestock grazing systems.
  • Pasture based grazing and supplementary fed livestock operations that seek to provide resilience to droughts through the conservation of own grown pastures and fodder crops.
  • Intensively grazed livestock operations and mixed farming operations that have adopted controlled feeding systems through the use of Partial Mixed Rations (PMR) and Total Mixed Rations (TMR) that utilize a mixer wagon.
  • Farmers and Investors, that either seek to develop their current operations, purchase an existing or adjoining operation, or those seeking to invest in greenfield operations.
  • Farm Businesses/Agribusinesses that seek assistance in preparing business plans and financial projections for current or new financiers.
  • Farmers seeking assistance to formalize Drought Management Plans, Farm Business and Risk Assessment Plans, Farm Financial Assessments or other Management Plans.
  • Farmers that may be in financial distress and seek assistance in reviewing their operating business with a view to presenting a revised business strategy to their financiers to consolidate their financial position.

While Paul and Susan are based on the North Coast of NSW their consultancy roles have been spread across the eastern states of Australia.