Financial and Strategic Management

Paul has a sound understanding of strategic management and planning principals and has a strong financial aptitude driven by a “measure it manage it” philosophy and is a strong advocate for benchmarking and evidence based decision making.

Most clients seek improvements in both operational and financial performance to their business but Paul acknowledges that each and every farming operation is different and so are the expectations of each client, so a consultancy brief is documented to meet each client’s needs.

Services offered are:

  • Documentation of the physical attributes to the farming business e.g. property location and map, land size, enterprises, infrastructure, plant and machinery, resources, historical production records etc. Paul’s prediction/budget modelling is based on the physical resources available, operational activities and current market conditions rather than using prior periods statutory reports.
  • Review and analysis of prior business financial trading performance, identifying trends.
  • Benchmark current operational and financial performance against known industry available benchmarking.
  • Strategic business reviews, assessing current operating systems and identify opportunities for increased economic outcomes in line with our client’s objectives.
  • Succession planning with clients
  • Assist clients in preparation of cash flow budgets utilizing activity based prediction modelling and business plans for finance applications with credit providers.
  • Assist clients in the preparation of Farm Business Plans, Drought Management Plans, Farm Business and Risk Assessment Plans, Farm Financial Assessments and any other Management Plans.
  • Assist clients in financial distress to refocus their business or develop strategies to minimise financial risk and assist with the development and implementation of production plans necessary for business turnaround.
  • Assist clients in financial distress in discussions with their Bank or Creditor.