Livestock Nutrition and Management

Paul has analytic tools that:

  • Create pasture budgets for clients to determine sustainable stocking capacities of their farmlands and to identify any feed-gaps and the risks that climate has on the feed-base.
  • Assess the likely feed intakes of the livestock under grazing systems and predict livestock weight gains and develop strategies to meet the livestock’s nutritional demand, while providing a cost/benefit analysis to demonstrate the additional benefit for the additional expenditures.
  • Ration Formulation to provide balanced dietary intake resulting in optimal livestock performance and advise on:
  1. Mineral and protein supplementation in pasture based grazing systems.
  2. Use of more intensive supplementation programs using Partial Mixed Rations (PMR) systems.
  3. Either in time of severe pasture shortfalls or as a part of intensive production programs advise on the use of the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) systems.

Our livestock liveweight gain prediction models accurately estimate livestock performance and are used to calculate any changes to the livestock’s diet or feed ration on an ongoing basis to obtain the optimal growth rates and breeding performance of livestock.

As the external or internal environment changes within the livestock sector GooleyAg can work with clients to critically asses their livestock enterprise by the use of a Livestock Scenario Planner to assess the financial risk to their business due to:

  • Declining pasture availability.
  • Shift in the market buy or sell price.
  • Changes to cost of feeds.
  • Variances in livestock performance.
  • Any variations to costs.

Using the Livestock Scenario Planner allows feeding strategies to be reviewed to deliver the best economical outcomes for our clients, particularly in times of drought and when there are large shifts in livestock markets.

In breeding herds, key performance indicators are identified and strategies developed for the delivery of and monitoring of these key criteria.